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Sunday, 05 September 2004



Well, without the benefit of the test, I'm pretty sure I'm going straight to hell.

Do not pass go, to not collect $200.00. But at least I won't be lonely. A lot of people I know are gonna be there.

Party's in my cage. BYOB.


the birdherder

I want one of them there "flat broke indian" shirt. I'm not an Indian or even a Native American but still I'm flat broke.


Only two questions are going to test my fate for eternity... i'm not buyin' it. there are all sorts of intent/special circumstances that must be taken into consideration, not to mention the vegas clause.

i mean hasn't this guy seen "defending your life?"


So unless I missed it, what did the man say about the heaven/hell thing or did you decide not to give the novelty a whirl?


there are jumping pigs on your site
i love them

you have out done yourself


Nah, didn't bother stepping up. I mean you saw that guy, right? I'm not really interested in going to heaven if that's the sort of people they're letting in.


Whoa! I just saw pigs fly. That means things can be done that people said couldn't. Right?

Headstart For Happiness

Oh my! The Pig Racing looks awesome! I wish I had seen that. Was there a talking spider with the pig? That pig is "some pig." That'll do, Sprizee, that'll do.

(p.s. Babe is one of the greatest characters in film history. What other character has so much genuine goodness and heart?)

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