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Wednesday, 27 July 2005



I don't have a lot to add to this story, but I do thank you for sharing. Life is interesting isn't it?


The fog analogy is a nicely used here ... sorry to hear about your mom; it makes you wonder what you will learn by having this in your life.


sending you some mental hugs.


You've drawn tears from this man. Every so often you open up here and I just get blown away-not because you are opening up per se, but because I truly believe if everyone were so honest and forward about the things on their mind, there would be far less bad and alot more good in the world.

Thank you so much for sharing this post.


Through my journey through life I've developed friendships with people suffering from bipolar disorder. You're right it isn't fair. And feeling helpless because there's nothing you can do is natural. But still you care so you can't stop doing that. You're a good daughter.

And you're awesome.


btw do u realize that sally is the only one who ever posts on the food blog?

im just sayin.


and btw, you should definitely have kids despite the chances of inheriting bd. cause there's always the chance they might not inherit it. and that chance makes is why it is totally worth it. you know, besides having the twenty pound nugget rooting around in your arms!


I should clarify. My hesitation is in no way caused by an worry that if I have kids they might have some mental health issues. Having children is a life changing experience and at this point in my life I'm enjoying my freedom and not ready to settle down and have kids. That doesn't mean that I've ruled it out or would completely freak if I found out I was expecting. Probably quite the opposite. But for now anytime someone mentions having kids I throw the evil eye their way more because I'm enjoying less responsibilities.

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