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Thursday, 27 April 2006



see here


Ditto. Just scroll down a few lines. (Again, not looking for advice about how I should be paying The Man $399/month for a new shiny car just so I can turn around and worry about it getting dented.)


Gretchen is such a drama queen. She doesn't like it when it's not all about her.


no flickr pic of alleged mirror?


Sounds like my car...all glued together and stuff. Only mine never had power windows. I have to remind my friends and family that yes, they actually have to lock the car door themselves, I can't do it with some fancy-schmancy remote.


I read the post you linked about your car - absolutely hilarious. You're a great writer!


Amie, Tell me about it. Oh wait, I already told you about it. Nevermind.

Johnny, Nope I'm lazy like that.

Eunice, All I can say is thank the lawd for my sunroof because I don't think I could handle driving around in the summer with no fresh air.

Candy, Thanks. I try...when I not being lazy...or otherwise procrastinating.

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