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Wednesday, 17 May 2006



An open card to Gretchen:

Dear Gretchen,

Due to global warming, from now on you might always have to live in heat. Unfortunately, this is not amusing to your owner so knock it off. She's thinking of replacing you, you know.


A Concerned Friend.


you need a funky bike or
a Westfalia with paisley curtains
and thankyou so much
for the pink door tip!



cant wait for the boss to borrow it and get stuck on the (insert major congested interstate here).

oh yes.


Gretchen is trying to tell you something.


Sounds like Gretchen needs a hug- or a new car?

When I was sixteen our family had the most embarrassing boat of an Oldsmobile that had a world of troubles. The windows wouldn't roll down so my mother would have to open them at drive throughs which embarassed me more than it should have- probably because the doors were about ten feet long. The worst Olds' story was when the horn (loudest horn known to man) wouldn't stop honking every time we made a right turn. The fifteen minute ride to the mechanic (to have the horn disconnected) was the longest fifteen minutes of my life.


May I suggest hitchhiking?
car theft?
Perhaps it is time to let Gretchen go live on a farm where she can run and be free, it might be the kindest thing, I'm just sayin.


I'm ignoring the topic of this post, just thought I would let you know this.


Tell Gretchen that it sounds like she's in pain. I'll pass her some of my vicodin.


I sent you the sale notice for the Porsche sale. If you don't get me one, trade Gretchen in! She'd be happy she's being traded for another car from Deutschland


And what's the deal with the stylehive thing?


Ahh but old cars have character, Sprizee.


Yeah, what gives Sprizee?


Katy, Love it. Can you send me a copy on letterhead so I can have it framed?

Madaelyn, I have a VW Passat so close. Mmmm, The Pink Door. As Egan would say Yum!

Johnny, 520 or 405. Take your pick.

Kirk, Indeed. This morning she whispered, "Kirk should renew Sprizee's Pro Flickr account." Smart girl.

Pants, My old car needs a new car? Is that like when you have an older dog and you get a puppy to replace the dog that you know is going to kick the bucket any minute?

Logo™, All excellent suggestions. I do like meeting new people and choose your own adventure novels. I like how you think.

Egan, La la la. Can't hear you.

H, Gretchen needs hugs, not drugs.

Kirk, Gretchen just told me to kick you in the shins and run away.

Kirk Deux, I'm taking it StyleHive out for a spin. You can bookmark stuff. Kind of like an Amazon wishlist but with any website.

Thérèse, Yes! Exactly!

Egan, Two days and two hundred dollars later, my car is all better. Yaay!


Sprizee, I think Gretchen just farted.


Egan, Yes in your general direction. Your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries.


Don't make me bite your legs off.


It's merely a flesh wound. Bring it.

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