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Wednesday, 24 May 2006



Aw, she's back. I love these types of posts. Is that YouTube video him? Do jugglers need huge biceps and a shaved head to juggle?

Does Gretchen need a hug?


I'm home sick. Some stomach thing. Want to barf but I've nothing to barf. Want to sleep but can't. It could be worse. I could be a trade show or something.

The only solace for being at a tradeshow for me is the opportunity to be out of the office. However, in many cases I'd prefer to be at the office.


you didnt get on the megaphone and bellow



I only manned tradeshow booth one time in my life and swore never to do it again. I must confess I am a tradeshow crap whore. I love collecting all the free shit and making a game of it.


hi can i have some of those penciles with the fuzzy rainbow tails? thanks.


I will never understand the freebie people. These people have no shame in making it known that they walked over only for the candy, pen, back scratcher you are giving away, with no intention of earning it by listening for half a second to your sales shpiel. Why pay the admission to the show? I don't get it.

I feel bad that you have to do so many tradeshows.


I hope nothing exciting happened in that video. I closed the window immediately when I realized I didn't want to have that song ruined for me forever.


Egan, What Gretchen needs is a new sister.

Kirk, My advice is take lots of Nyquil. Not a cold? So. Your point?

Johnny, Didn't see that one coming at all. Nope.

Chris, Be careful what you wish for.

Johnny, You too.

Eunice, Don't feel bad. It's less than 5 a year and it gets me out of the office which is a good thing. I think.

Brooke, Good thinking.

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