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Friday, 19 May 2006



Sprizee? Anyone seen Sprizee around? Sprizee, come out come out wherever you are. Warriors, come out to play. Sprizee, come out to playay.

*The Warriors is quite possibly the coolest movie to come out in the late 70s.


Dear NSA:

please arrest ego.

he wore a speedo in hawaii.

that is all.


Johnny - I also wear it in Seattle. George Bush must really hate me now.


i miss my green screen celly! that phone always worked. i have verizon, so the govnt has all my info.


Welcome to 1998 Sprizee! Color screen! Your T-mo phone will work just fine anywhere on the planet but you have to make sure you call 611 and activate international roaming. And calling rates are pretty steep outside the US. Especially Canada and Mexico which should be free since they're pretty much America too. You know, with the open borders and whatnot.

Sally Simpleton

I have T-Mo! I like them quite a bit, actually. Well, as much as you can like a provider, cause they still screw up once in a while. But when they screw up they do things like give you the most expensive Nokia available for absolutely free.

If you get a tri-band phone like I did last time, you can truly use it everywhere. I think it's automatically activated now to have global roaming though, so you may not even need to set that up (which you can do online). Well, the customer service lady I talked to last month before I went to France told me all accounts automatically have it, and some agents have not been too bright in the past...and you can use your phone in Canada!!! So it won't be like that time I kept calling when we got separated and I was all, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER PHONE? Only to find out Sprint sucks and hates Canada.


Sprint ain't so bad people. Don't get me wrong, me not in love with any of these folks, but I have had decent interactions with Sprint customer service. And it's just a setting thing on Sprizee's phone. Wait, hers is so old it may not allow that sort of thing. New Sprint phones do though. Well, whatever. I'm just happy if Sprizee's happy.


Yes, I mis-spoke. My phone has analog too and had I turned it on in Canada it would have worked fine...at the cost of $1/per minute. No thanks. My experience with customer service hasn't been so bueno. I sent them an email once via their customer service website and I got a response back the next day month.

Sally Simpleton

Ah, yes. Analog. And -- one note -- I mis-spoke about the everywhere detail. I couldn't use it in Japan. But, there was certainly no problems in the south of France when the NOC called last week cause they "forgot" I wasn't in the office.

Oh, and one more thing about T-Mobile. I like how I've had very, very few dropped calls over the years. Although, reliably, I'd have one daily for the first year I lived here -- as I drove past the T-Mobile HQ in Bellevue on my way to work.


GSM hasn't caught on in Korea or Japan so GSM phones won't work there. They went with TDMA and CDMA and Japan's moved to this new shit we can only dream about having. So the "g" in GSM stands for "Global except Japan and Korea"

Do check the international rates page before you leave to see how much receiving and sending calls cost. I think it is 1.99/min in western europe and 1.50 in mexico. I want to say Canada is a buck. I was drunk in Paris when a friend called and talked to her for an hour and a half. That really hurt when I got the bill. What was worse was I don't remember what we talked about.

Analog roaming is going the way of the dodo and analog TV signals. I think it gets shut off in 07 so I'm not sure what Sprint will do since only them and Verizon use the PCS CDMA network now in North America. Bell or Rogers might keep it on in Canada for a while but it will be hard to find an analog phone.

Sally is right about the service. I usually never have to call them but when I do, is maybe 20 seconds before talking to a human. Coverage is good in places where you need it most like in cities and on the freeway in the country. There are places in the middle of nowhere where there is no coverage, but you shouldn't be there anyway.


Oh look at those clothes!...


I have Verizon;
dropped calls,
spotty reception,
no respect for confidentiality.

Yes, that is right, because more than life itself I love to take it up the ...


But LOGO™ the Verizon commercials say the whole company is behind you including the can you hear me now guy. Are you saying their advertising is misleading?

[I think their current campaign with the thousands of employees behind the happy customer can be read the opposite way. They need that many people to keep the network running]


I just signed (another) two-year contract with Sprint. Does this make me a bad person?


Way to go Spriz! I've been a disgruntled Sprint customer for 6 years, and I have been wanting to switch to T-Mobile but I'm just plain too lazy. One of these days...I haven't had to deal with their alleged customer service department in a while, that is why.

I think it's clear that Egan is an undercover agent monitoring these discussions. Why else would he stick up for Sprint?


Yo yo yo! Sprint trenchcoat man here. I pity you fools that go away from Sprint. We have a great peeps working hard for you. We bought Nextel too so you can use our cool walkie talkie phones. Sprint isn't evil and look how much tail I get with my trenchcoat advertising? Egan and Pantsy, you will be spared by the cell phone gods. That bitch that married Michael Douglas isn't a reason to switch cell phone providers. They drop calls and shit too. See my hot photo for a good time.

Sprint Trenchcoat Man


yada yada yada
ira glass


Nice current reference Egan. The Trenchoat Man switched to something else a few years ago.


You know what I like about you Kirk, it's your sense of humor. I think that's all I need to say.

donald a duck


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