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Thursday, 10 August 2006



it is just like cookie dough ice cream. they take the eggs out of the recipe for health reasons.

cake batter does sound intriging.

and 14 people dying is nothing. 40,000 people die a year of the common flu.


Good lord that sounds good. Not the salmonella bit.


I could really go for some Salmonella.


I'm hungry for some ice cream. I'm always hungry for ice cream.


They took it off the market for a while last year while they messed with the recipe and made it so it was safe. Eat away without fear!


I scream
You scream
We all scream
For ice cream


Hey, if you gotta go that way, at least you know you died happy. Well, before the intense vomiting commenced anyway.

haiku girl

There is all sorts of irony in being killed by cake batter ice cream. Almost as much as in being off'd by a circus peanut.


A friend of mine told me about cake batter flavored ice cream just the other day. She says it's delicious. I wanted to know though...what cake is it the flavor of?

Going through old posts and came across the link. It's been awhile!:)


Vanilla. I didn't really even think I would like it. I'm not bigger on super sweet things but it tastes like you're only six, your mom just handed you a spoon and now you're licking the bowl.

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