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Wednesday, 24 January 2007



He was dead all along, right?


No way a film called Helvetica would go to Seattle. Seattle is a poseur Arial town. You can thank Redmond for that.

Helvetica is one of my favorite classic typefaces.


Johnny, I see dead people.

Kirk, The only thing worst than Helvetica is Arial. If you're going to copy something, you copy something cool. Not the dork 3 rows back with the extra thick glasses and the super duty pocket protector.


I'm a Tahoma person.


Who would be more interesting to have dinner with? The person that bankrolled the film or the person that pays money to see it?


And don't tell anyone, but Helvetica is the secret love child of Arial and Courier New.

chez shoes

I've learned to accept Helvetica. It's Zapf Chancery that really annoys me. That, and Lucida Handwriting.


Arial is a cheap rip off of a classic sans-serif typeface. Of course, what you expect from Microsoft?


Egan, I'm more of a TaComa person.

Eunice, You'd better say the person that pays money to see it.

Eunice Deux, Which came first? The Arial or the Helvetica? Hint: Helvetica

Chez Shoes, I've never seen Zapf Chancery, but Lucida Handwriting is down right awful so I have a feeling I wouldn't be okay with Zapf either.

Kirk, So shocking that you, YOU, would despise a Microsoft font. It defies all logic. So very, very shocking.


I know. Just when you think you know me so well I come along and surprise you with that.

I hate Comic Sans. And people who have their blog or email using it as the default. Oh, and Hobo makes me cry too.

Just give me a Futura or Univers.

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