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Friday, 02 March 2007



¡Felicitaciones! as they say in Spain. Five years. Rock on.


Man! I can't wait to go home and listen to your happy wedding audio!

Happy Anniversary!


What a great tribute to The Dude. Five years is something to be proud of Sprizee. I'm so glad you posted this so I wouldn't have to post something for you while your in Europe. Maybe later next week.

The two of you are such a great couple. So great that many of us aspire to be like you. I love looking back because it shows what you've accomplished. Kudos to you on your charming five years together.

P.S. great work Nielsen.


I'm cracking up. Congrats on 5 years of wedded bliss and I can't wait to see pictures.


Kate, congratulations on five years together! You are a special couple, and I wish you much much happiness.


The crew at Yelp misses you.

sally simpleton

HA! Yeah, did you see you got review of the day or something? Cracked me up -- right after you left.

And also, congratulations!! I hope you kids are having a gay ol' time.


Sally - the Yelpers love her. I think her name drives the Yelpers insane. They can't get enough Sprizee.

sally simpleton

Omigosh, I finally listened to that clip. Mz. Spriz, have you heard any other details about "I love her so much?" I loved that bachelor party story, as relayed to me years ago, by one of the attendees (not on tape). I didn't know the Dude that well at the time, but I was like, damn, I wish my husband had felt like that. (I was married at the time...er, maybe, sort of?). And it pretty much solidified my opinion that yours was one awesome Dude.


Sally, the recording is great. I'm glad Wheelson recorded it for them. I'm sure The Dude loved his anniversary gift. Barcelona represent!


Is that pic like Proof of Life?


I ransom u hubband for 1 million cupcakes!




Damn shame there's no internets in España.

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