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Thursday, 21 June 2007



How sweet a story is that?! My car, which is nameless. has bee with me isnce October 1997, one month after I moved to MA. So far, so good...I hope your next vehicle brings you as much joy as Gretchen did.

{Bundle of thoughts for dad}


Wonderful, touching story, poetic.

sally simpleton

I'd forgotten until my friend reminded me this weekend about giving up my first real car. I'd had it from my first year of college until the month I bought my first house. She was telling our other houseguest that she happened to be visiting during the move and was there when the charity came to tow it away...the tow truck guy came without notice, while I was at work. I didn't remember to take a picture and the car was gone when I went outside to go to work. I was bummed, but she still laughs at my exclamations, "but I got married in that car! I didn't get one last picture!"

It's true, I did get married in that car. I sort of felt the same way as you about the rest, too. I took that little Ford Escort offroading, too, to California, all over Utah, the West, and of course, Vegas.


Farwell Gretchen!


this is such a nice way to talk about saying goodbye to a gem that's been through so much with you.


I think this is a really nice post. And tells a lot about your character. Thanks for sharing Gretchen with us. You'll always remember and love her.


That really is a sweet story and a KILLER picture.


Farewell Gretchen. She still has a lot of farfegnugen left in her.

My car is going through the terrible twos complaining about wanting new tires. I keep telling her if she doesn't stop, I'll trade her in for her younger, hotter, sister.


That's an incredible photo!


That is the sweetest goodbye to a vehicle I have ever read. She really was a part of the family.

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