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Tuesday, 10 July 2007



wow, that icecube thing is just wrong!


I know! And...hermetically sealed? Give me a break.


wow! your boss approved travel for you to go all the way to Seattle?

and yeah, people buy shit in pretty packages. speaking of, you should see the special bag and box the iPhone came in.


Kirk, That's pretty generous of my employer considering my primary job isn't graphic design. Us marketing types typically throw the design part across the fence to another department. But in a company as small as mine, it's one stop shopping and people come to me for lots of crazy stuff...like picking up the phone when the receptionist is out of the office. Mine, it's a glamorous life.

Speaking of pretty bags, check out this one!


That item is crazy enough and priced at just the point where people will buy it just to see it in real life.

A whole conference about fonts...awesome!


Ice rocks???

It's like a cold-pack for your drink.


Chris, Awesome is right!

Airam, A great step forward in the integration of fine water products at a price that everyone can afford. Umm, I'm not sure it's something everyone can afford.

Happy Birthday you!


Huh? That's a joke, right? Those things don't really exist. Hmmm, wait...country of origin is France. Interesting....

And, is that conference for real, too? Sweet!


Wow - I'd really love to be a fly on the wall for the convention conversations ... "But did you see that new Sans Serif?? ... Oh god, can you belive how they mangled the Zapf Dingbats??" Rock on TypeCon2007!


Five buck spring ice cubes? What a freaking steal!


helvetica is the system font on the iPhone .


When you say default, I hear "YOU! CAN! CHANGE! THE! FONT!" on a iPhone. Did I hear you correctly?


No. Apple has determined that Helvetica is the best system font to use for readability and cllickability. I'm talking dialog boxes, menu items, pull downs, or spinner wheels.

Off the shelf, Apple doesn't allow changing fonts in its operating systems. If you want to use Comic Sans or Hobo as your system font Bill Gates will be happy to sell you something.


Actually, the new fonts Microsoft is included with Vista and Office 2007 are pretty nice. The default font for the OS now is Calibri and I heart it. What do you know? It's makes the whole OS look a whole lot like Mac. Shocking.


Calibri is just Verdana with an attitude.


Yes, that attitude is feisty and me likes.

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