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Wednesday, 05 September 2007



Since we just had a kid and all, I'm supposed to guilt trip you into a free dinner at your expense. Sunday night works for us.


The book club is Sunday night. I hope you've read The Stranger. There will be a quiz.


Dammit, I want my food. Is the book club a Skype kind of thing where I don't have to be physically present?


Be careful what you wish for.


Ahh, bummer about no pics but I guess there have to just be some meals that don't get photographed! It's funny that I often go for my camera too when cooking something - what a new fad!


That sounds like the best program ever.


Wait, it gets better. They set aside a few acres of their farm each year for the local food bank and plant it full of yummy veggies. Then local volunteers pick it and deliver it to the food bank. I love that business model. When are you moving back to Seattle Eunice? Hmmm?


This is like the organic version of the Cheese Sandwich post.

Seriously though this looks great. Now if only Bellingham had a similarly cool thing.

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