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Wednesday, 31 October 2007



I've always loved watching the charlie brown specials but not for charlie so much as snoopy and woodstock and of course, the teachers.


I didn't care for Charlie Brown but I liked the other characters. I thought Charlie was a passive aggressive wimp.


I get it, you don't like Charlie Brown. You posted this last year. Good thing you're very likeable.


Chris, I can't even get into the specials.

Krisit, I don't like any of them. Maybe there's a charred pumpkin shard where my heart should be.

Egan, Oh really? Prove it.

P.S. I want my Pyrex dish back, punk!


You want me to prove it? Okay, I will find that post of yours. I know it's there somewhere.

Pyrex dish coming right up. I might have to stop by your pad and trick or treat. I'm tempted to leave a bowl out in front of our house since we won't be there. We had two visitors last year, two. Maybe more this year since we're now Procreation Central.


Charlie Brown was a blockheaded loser. I sort of liked Lucy. She had moxie.


Man, so glad we're on the same page. Never got that cartoon. It's actually one of the few things/characters that I have a serious aversion to.


as a kid the only thing that I liked about the thx-giving and Xmas specials was it meant treats were coming my way.

For the 10th year in a row zero kids stopped at my apt.


Peanuts rules!

Amy W.

I wasn't allowed to watch any of the Peanuts specials growing up but only because my parents couldn't stand the show-- the whiny kids, the "wah wah" adults, the squeaky Snoopy. I always had to go over to friend's houses if I wanted to see it. I also couldn't watch Zoom. Too hippy I guess. Looking back, I kinda thank my parents.

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