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Wednesday, 12 December 2007



1. Oooh...I wants to see that!
2. Have fun!
3. Very cute hat. And...do you get paid for writing for for the p-i? I can't remember if you told us you did or not. I can't remember a lot of stuff, yet I remember the placement of my teammates at a dinner table and what each person ordered from a year ago. Yikes. And that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I'm still telling you that. Double yikes.


Ha, I'm glad Armalicious has a bunch of questions for you. I really have a weakness for cute hats on women. It's a bit like my weakness for capris.


A to the R to the M to the A to the L to the I to the O to the U to the S,

1. It was well balanced. Interesting and funny, but not over the top.
2. It involves Italian food so you know I will!
3. I'm about as free as they come. I wish it was paid. If only.

P.S. I have a penchant for remembering outfits.

Egan, Ooh. Totally forgot about capris. That's on my list too.


A girl in a hat is so Vogue.


Life of Reilly looks really good! Too bad I live in the sticks. I miss the movie selection in the bay area...didn't know how good I had it!


You just gave me an idea that's too late to execute this year but next...What do you think of a Blog Secret Santa? Hmmmm...


Kirk, I agree. Also warm hot.

Pants, Next you're going to tell me they have some crazy liquor law. How much booze should I send you? I want to lend a helping hand. So far my list has booze and awesome DVDs. I think that's a pretty good start.

Chris, I like it. How about Secret Easter Bunny? No one makes me an Easter basket anymore. Boo hoo.


Kate! You started writing on the P-I blog? That is sooo cool! I was just telling my sister about how you were going to do this, and how awesome it is!!! Anyway, it will be a regular read for me. J Crew 20% off sale is calling me...

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