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Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Diane Mandy

I've seen none of the movies nominated. I feel so diminished!


Generally I've been horrible about seeing movies in the theater so I was shocked to find out I had seen 4 out of 5 up for Best Picture. Apparently making lists and setting goals actually works! Who knew? I loved Michael Clayton but maybe that's just because I love George Clooney. The other 3 were great too. I'd recommend any of them.

Have you seen The Lives of Others? If not, go rent that right now. So good!

Diane Mandy

Here in Gemrany, I've discovered we don't get many movies in English. I'll have to wait for the DVDs, but I do appreciate the recommendations!


The Lives of Others is a German film.

When I was traveling around in Spain it was pretty easy to find films with subtitles, which meant the original soundtrack and thus, English. Are most American movies dubbed in Germany?


I hadn't gone to the kino in Germany, but just flipping through the channels on TV revealed to me that many films in Germany were dubbed, but other countries (esp Latin America) are with subtitles. Which is awesome since it helps me with my Español. And in Germany the phone sex ads are on regular TV have nekkid womens on them.

I've only seen NCFOM and Juno. There Will Be Blood turned me off with the poster in the theatre with the best quote coming from Maxim. And Playboy was there too. I can attest that both publications do have movie review sections and they actually are quite good, but if the laurels a film sits on isn't the NY Times or other higher stature pubs, I wonder if it is worth a shit. Of course, now the posters will be replaced with "Oscar Nominated"


Kirk - how can you go wrong with anything Daniel Day Lewis is in man? Go see! He's always good.


No Country for Old Men was my personal favorite out of those 4.


Was it at all like Space Cowboys? I liked that movie. Javier Bardem is neat.


I'm sad. I thought that this post was about Heath Ledger. So we'll see Atonement next week?


space cowboys? WTF are you talking about?

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