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Thursday, 31 January 2008



southern accents don't make me melt.

CAPTCHA is my bi-atch

Kirk doesn't have a soul, does he? What about British accents? Do they do anything for you, Kirk? I know they do for me.

Was that TMI?

I bring my lunch pretty much every day. Though, I don't know if what i bring is necessarily healthier since it's usually just a nasty frozen meal. My friend, on the other hand, usually has a 7-course meal at lunch with her Bento boxes and all.


Kirk, That's because you have no soul.

Captcha, Leftover mac n cheese makes an awesome lunch.

P.S. I totally forgot to listen to it even though I had a reminder set on my calendar. DAMN IT.


I love all accents except the US southern accent.

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