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Monday, 07 April 2008



I love it. When is the big reveal? Which guy became The Dude or is he on this list? [ahem] Great, now that song of Rick Astley's is never leaving my head. Have you tried Facebookin' some of these blokes?


I just had a chat with an old friend from junior high about crushes...I wonder what happened to Scott Smith and if he's still as hunky as he was at twelve.


Egan, The Dude was a post Shane crush. Facebook makes me cringe and I refuse to setup an account. Also, most of the early crushes had common last names. Take my friend Jack for example. With a last name like Andersen I never even considered the possibility that I'd be able to find him online. Jack Andersen. He might as well be named John Doe. Although I just googled Chris' name and I think I might have actually found him. The year fits. It looks like him. But I can't really be sure. Perhaps the last name Horn is more common that I think.

Pants, That's what I'm saying! Why must all our old crushes have common names like Smith? It makes the internet stalking such a pain in the arse. Gah!


I have an uncommon name and no contact from school chums. does that mean nobody had a crush on me? but my mom said i was a handsome little boy!


Ahh, the school crush. Boy does that bring back some flashbacks...good and bad.

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