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Thursday, 15 May 2008



Cool, we did something similar one year and really liked it. We had a bit of trouble making use of the more rare produce. Let me know what you think. Fresh flowers are a damn good thing.


I think that's especially when I dig the share. It exposes to me with stuff I wouldn't necessarily pick out in the produce aisle. Plus, the nice thing about the Helsing CSA is they provide you with recipes based on what's in the box that week. That's how I discovered how to make Frizzled Leeks.


I did something similar when I was living in the bay area...loved it! It really helped me develop healthier eating habits and a desire to eat (and try) more veggies. Yum!


I've been back from Costa Rica for nearly 6 months and can't remember the last time I cooked a meal.


That's awesome S - I hope you enjoy it, what a treat!


what do you think of the new death cab album? i'm smitten with the girl in the 8+ minute video on the train and the escalators. i know that has nothing to do with the music.


Kirk, You're a mind reader. I haven't heard the whole album but I did buy the single earlier this week and I love it. Sure the 4 minute intro is a bit indulgent but that song sure is catchy. I love Ben's voice. And who doesn't enjoy a creepy, borderline stalker love song.


Glad to see that you caught the produce on the front end of the season this year! :)

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