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Monday, 22 December 2008



You are a freak. Move to Syracuse NY and after a winter we can touch base about your love affair with snow.


Yeah, glass half full. How dare I!


Now you know how us Canadians feel every year :)


What part of Alberta do you live in? I visited Banff in 2003. Swoon. What a great place.


It really is weird how a week of the white stuff changes things. It's very cool to see things covered in snow that you wouldn't ever expect to see in the city.

You gotta to love Kirk.


Y'all in the city are insane. You see, at least you can see people and get around even if it takes longer. Here, well, let's just say I hitched a ride into town for supplies, walked part of the way back and then hitched to close to my house. We won't be getting a car out (let alone catch a bus) for at least a few more days.

Seeing people other than the neighbors (don't get me wrong I like the neighbors but we're all a little batty at this point) and getting coffee with was the best thing ever. Plus, I realized that not hearing holiday music and feeling the frantic-ness of people last minute shopping was nice too. Cabin fever is winning though so the outing today was nice.


Egan, It's Seattle new street culture of joy. Spontaneous block party. I love it!


Oh and lest I be lumped in with the glass-half-empty folks, it's been great to talk to random people who open up on enforced six miles walks or over coffee in the one open shop.


Yes, the neighbor thing has been great. I've bought stuff at QFC for those who can't get down there whether I snowshoe there or drive. It has been nice to connect with neighbors in a fun way. I love that others are looking after one another.

Happy Holidays!

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