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Sunday, 21 December 2008


Eddie Ross

That is such a christmas card! Love the wreath!
Happy new year!


ok, so it is a little dark.


I could get really used to it. If work isn't closed tomorrow, heads are going to roll. I can't believe how much snow is falling. I'm off to sled down the neighborhood hill. Enjoy the white stuff.


Eddie, Thanks! You too!

Kirk, Hope you don't get stuck too long in the snow and make it to your destination okay.

Egan, I just got back from walking around downtown Ballard and passed the 65th street hill (which is obviously closed) on the way home. It literally looked like a ski run. Tons of folks out in the street boarding down the hill. A few kids had makeshift chair/sleds. Pretty cool. I love this town.


*It's a lovely photo.
*Snow is both pretty and ugly at the same time.
*Have a Merry Christmas!


Yeah, I went out sledding last night around 10pm and had a blast. I felt like I was 15 running up the hill to go one last time (did that three times).

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