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Monday, 19 April 2010



Talk to Geraldine! She loves Astoria & wrote a blog post or two on it.

I just got an invite to go down to Portland that weekend for a LUPEC-Seattle road trip which I bet you could do too. But I think you were just there!


I liked going south down the 101 toward Newport, OR. But different strokes for different strokes.

Also, Midnight Express scared me straight from spending time in a Turkish prison...or any other prison for that matter.


Talk to me, I love Astoria. We stopped by there for lunch last year and hit all the Goonies haunts. There's much to do there and in the vicinity. Explore the two state parks right there wander downtown. There are some fun artsy shoppes.


Rachel, I was just there with Misty. But I loves Portland. I loves it so much.

Kirk, 101 is great. Along with Crater Lake, Oregon Cave Juction and the redwoods.

Egan, State parks? Yes please!


Nice to hear from you!


Astoria was the last stop on our Oregon Coast honeymoon (obviously, given that it's the the northernmost point on the coast), and it was my favorite. Definitely check out the Maritime Museum. So super fascinating.

And hike up to the tower while you're there too. :)

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