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Thursday, 16 January 2014


Jim W

Yay posting! And it's nice to hear a counterpoint for Room 237. I worry about seeing it having only seen the Shining once.


I love that like two years go by and boom, there you are with a post AND one relevant to me as I am always looking for a good DOC!

Thanks :)


Jim, I don't think you necessarily need to have seen The Shining a bunch of times to get Room 237. Then again, I think Room 237 is mostly a waste of your time. If you're really interested in the theories there's probably a great wiki article or forum online that can run down all the interesting ones is less than 2 hours. Or go watch other of those documentaries because the rest are all winners and time well spent.

Chris, I know? Time flies when you've had a kid and you work full time and you no longer have the luxury of spending most of your hours staring at your belly button. That said, I have been thinking about blogging more this year. We'll see.

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