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Wednesday, 11 August 2004



I would like to point out that Sprizee is in fact in the left lane and does not appear to be passing anyone.

Please tell me you are not THAT guy.


Don't even go there sister.

I will NEVER be THAT guy.

Besides, I think I made it perfectly clear what my views are on being an idiot while driving when I posted Random Facts Vol.III. For the record, I refer you to the second paragraph.





[wipes sweat from brow]

I can get back to work now.


Im sooooo glad you're a half noodle away from crazy.

But Im more glad that you're wearing a straight jacket.

the birdherder

um, the pictures out the window while driving is mine. we're now even for sprizee cam.


Let the record show that I have been taking photos while driving for quite some time, thank you very much. Nice try Birdie.

Exhibit B**Photos which were taken on or before 11/03 (specifically 21, 22, & 23) clearly demonstrate my point.

Your honor, I rest my case.

the birdherder

nice try missy.


Watch it mister.

Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE with me.


Sweet Pic!

I can see the ad now:
"Live in the Eastside. Every night a beautiful commute just like this will soothe away your hard day at the office!"

Diva Drip

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking pictures while driving. I speak from personal experience!

Great pic

the birdherder

oh, and ms fancypants let me take it up a notch:

pie de la cuesta [6mb avi]

driving at night [special j lo/distillers mix, 2mb windows media].

my first attempt [5mb mpeg]

that's right babe, video while driving.



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