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Friday, 13 August 2004


the birdherder

I found your site because of Katherine. I come back for the feet pictures.


You're the only other person with Maktub in the music section of your blogger profile.

Sorry, I don't know any DJs... see, if you had an iPod by now, you'd be set! It's amazing what you can get when you put all the CDs you own (and the ones you don't own) on random. Well, maybe not the same as a DJ, but still -- it's not going to go home early. Or wear jeans. And (please god!) it's not going to play Michael Jackson.


I think I found your site cause you posted on someone else's site who I cannot remember and I thought it was really funny. Then I saw your picture and...well... I know about #243.

I don't watch jeapordy. But that is not because I don't appreciate it but because Megan watches it and responds to answers out loud and it annoys the dsl out of me.

Also, once I was at the gym on the treadmill and some guy was responding to answers out loud so the whole gym could hear him. Of course he was next to me.... I politely* asked him 12 times to cut it out and he wouldn't, so i left. If I had been a 7 foot black man he would have wet his pants and left. i can't compete with that though [sigh].

*no not really

Diva Drip

Hmmm, let me see...

What is the fact that Janet has your link on her site, which is linked from Trillian's site, who was the first person to ever comment on my blog?

I think that is the worst hatchet job I have ever performed on a sentence.

Evil Homer

I found your blog because I clicked on "Seattle" in my blog and there you were. I'm still new to this blog thing and you're one of the first random blogs I've gone to. Don't ya feel honored?

the birdherder

When I was living in Santa Barbara, my roommate was obsessed with Jeopardy and we'd play at home.

Then one day I found out the LA station showed it an hour before the Santa Barbara station. So I would watch the earlier one and kick his ass when he came home to watch it on the SB station. I didn't tell him for two days how I was able to come up with answers that only Alex Trebek knew the answer to. There'd be some really obscure question and I'd answer it. I'd be like "dude, that's common knowledge"

And that is what I call a good old fashioned threadjack.

Enough about me, I also found you/your site alluring by your choice of movies and music. And the pictures. And the use of the word "replete"


omigod burdie... that is great. you are evil. and why the hell did you only string him along for two days... You should have gone a whole week.


what is murphy's blog?

best i got - i am still working on drinking coffee...

the birdherder

I don't remember what I the questions/answers were but they were so obscure that I couldn't control laughing after running an entire category on the bible. I was young and inexperienced at being a smart ass.

Fortunately, with age i'm able to contain myself so i can keep the gags going. There are still people I used to work with that think I'm Canadian [from Moose Jaw and went to college at Saskatchewan State University]



I love Burdie.


I found it on weblogs.com.

Wait... I mean... on weblogs.com?
What is weblogs.com?

Er... who are weblogs.com?

(Stop me anytime, now...)


I found your site cause you left a comment on my site...you're so generous that way and a very nice blogger. Don't forget that the BEST recipe for absolutely no comments is to post a link to something on my site. ;-)


enough about me,lets talk about you. what do u think of me?

het. Well, u get lots of comments. u lucky.

uumm i don't think jeopardy is on tv anymore.
I've never... rented? a dj. I don't have an ipod. I've never seen ur feet. What is the link on my dashboard? ~recently updated...

but im thinkin about going to college in tacoma. UPS. Is it cool?


new post bitch.


i love talking dirty.


Murphy, Murphy, Murphy.

[shakes head]

Go sit in the corner and think about how you can get those new shoes you just purchased to me by tomorrow. I do love me some new shoes.

the birdherder

i'm still upset about calling my starbucks 'ghetto'. that hurt me. right here [points at chest]


I took a wrong turn at El Paso. Someone said you could check out some cool feet pictures here though...where the hell are they?

Actually the real answer is...

What is.....I found you through your comments to Murphy's and kbear's blogs? They know all the cool people.


Birdman? As a peace offering I'm going to give you some 'inside information' about Starbucks...

...tomorrow or the next day when I get off my lazy butt and post again.

P.S. And, Clint? I haven't had a chance to take any new feet photos because my digital camera has had a dead battery for the past week and I've been to lazy too find the charger and re-charge it but that's all changing tonight because I'm going through camera withdrawl and I need me a photo fix soon.


I feel obligated to respond, since you asked so nicely and all. Unfortunately I don't remember how I found your site. Who found who? It doesn't really matter.

Interestingly enough those are lyrics to an obscure eighties tune. Now THAT I can remember.

Figures right?


clicked on "seattle" and began browsing thru all the Seattle blogs. Found yours entertaining. Not sure why, just do :)

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