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Friday, 20 August 2004



what a tool.

the birdherder

what the hell is a floating bridge?

phatddy was in a hurry because he needed to pick up his viagra prescription.

and that was a great picture for not looking. most of the shots i take when i just point the camera out the window and shoot end up being of the door. when i do get the rear view mirror the image is of the ground/sky/wrong car/whatnot.

Diva Drip

GREAT pic!


very good job
what is he trying to make up for?


A floating bridge is one built on pontoons, it really floats on the water. I believe it was supposed to be temporary for Lake Washington, but, well it's been half a century now.

There are two over Lake Washington. And the pictures on that link aren't half as good as sprizee's here.


That's definately a skillful shot, you like those mirror pics don't you?

And, I did not give you permission to post my picture!

the birdherder

thanks sally. i learned something new.


There are actually three floating bridges on the lake -- I-90 has one for each direction of traffic.

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