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Wednesday, 11 August 2004



Hey, I'm going to paint the walls in my room pretty soon...I CANNOT decide which color though, but I was planning to run it by you. :)

I bought three sets of sheets during the Nordy's/Bon madness before my trip to Louisiana. They have to match.


the birdherder

I like your choice in movies. However, the golf thing is kind of scary.


Agreed. The golf thing is scary. I've been hoping it's just a phase, and so that's what I've been telling me, myself and I for the past few months...don't worry, just a phase. But maybe I should look into checking myself in somewhere.

In my defense I like baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer and Jeopardy too.

What's that? Jeopardy's not a sport??? Like hell it isn't!


Hey a Cape Cod and a VodkaCran are different drinks! A VodkaCran lacks the the lime wedge.


Murphy likes football.

Well, the tight ends.


Not true. In Canada they're all about adding a lime to the VodkaCran. Hey, I say whatever gets me my drink faster, I'll do because there's no point in being right, if you're going to be right without the drink you are craving in your hand at the time.

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