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Tuesday, 07 September 2004


the birdherder

that is a fascinating story Sprizee.

I hope you've taken the steps to register Sprizee with patent and trademark office. With SprizeeCam already sweeping the nation, it is only a matter of time before some snake tries to steal your name.

I wish I had a more fascinating name than birdherder. You'd think a creative individual like me would be able to come up with something creative. Perhaps this explains my absence from the workforce.


Buy me an anorak.

Also a digital camera battery and not one of the cheap clones that fry your camera.


good story.

you could have also called yourself



What's the the Xan link...is he supposed to have a profile or is it just wishful thinking...or did I miss something?

Keane was on Letterman last night and they didn't suck. The dude's hair is super dreamy.

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