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Tuesday, 15 February 2005



u R what u eat.

Pink Lady.


I <3 the Pink Lady.


I am the masta of letting food rot wastefully. I'm tryin' real hard to change Ringo, but my masterpiece was many years ago when I accidentally made vodka out of a sack of potatoes underneath the kitchen sink.

If you've never seen potato seepage, it is the most vile thing I have ever seen.


3lbs more and $5 less, I'm back from the groc with 6 Pink! Ladys. Who wants one?


i'll take 5 and a half. oh and also, i was surfing the web and someone was attempting to do a sprizee knock off blog, i left them a note exlplaining you were copyrighted, their response: eat me pink wanker.

thats not what I said, but what those people who infringed on your copyright regulations said.



Extraordinary! 300+ varieties of Apple and the random one you get is a pink lady. Outstanding!


Funny. I just found a blog from some guy in Seattle who had a ten page rant about his missing apple.


Mystery solved.

A few weekends ago when I visited The Dude, we went to the market and I told him how much Pink Lady apples rock. He bought two.

Now you know that Pink Lady apples rock. Everyone should go out and try one of these apples, they are the best.

the birdherder

you washington people and your apples. we get it already.

portuguesa nova

Great post...Whenever I eat an apple I like, I forget the name of the variety like five seconds after the last bite.


i think this post should be retitled

Confessions of an Apple Thief

and copywrite(d)(?)

My finders fee will be 1 pink lady per week.

Melissa Marie

food is always better when it's not yours

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