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Friday, 18 February 2005



Now, I'm no marketing guru, but it seems if you're going to make a movie about heaven and hell and the battle over Earth, you could come up with a title with more OOMPH than "Constantine."

I guess "Hellblazer" may have been a bit confusing to those who remember "Hellraiser" or "Hellboy" but, it would appeal more, I would think, to a battle-over-earth kinda crowd.

Constantine is the name of a pretty good emo-ish kinda song by some band I've already forgotten.

Anyhoot, it's a lotta gibberish on a movie I'm not likely to see either, but hey, it's almost beer time.



After they cast Keanu at least they didn't keep Constantine a British blonde guy. Although maybe they should have as the unintentional comedy would have been through the roof.

I'll probably catch it on cable eventually. Mostly for Rachel Weisz.

Personally, I could never quite figure out what a Hellblazer was anyway.


Sprizee fare would be more along the lines of

Pretty In Pink

the birdherder

as i was parking my car this morning on the xm the entertainment report said keanu is hoping constantine turns into another matrix type franchise.

but then i got out of the car. and threw up.

i too will be boycotting this film as i do for 99% of mr. reeves' work.


Well Keanu Reeves has been playing the same character for years so it only seems natural that he should play it in the same damn movie.:)


actually i saw that movie this weekend and i liked, a lot actually. it was well worth the 25 bucks i spent between popcorn and the ticket.

i don't really understand why people love to hate keanu how ever you spell it. his work over the past couple of decades, while not always impeccable, has been far more exemplary than some folks in the business who get a lot less heat than him.

gutter slut

I already know that if keanu reeves is in it , it's going to be bad. Let's face it..he lucked out with the matrix, everthing else was poo.

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