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Friday, 11 February 2005



Does this mean you wanna go to Las Vegas?


Live it up! Go for it! How bad could that experience possibly be?

I dissapear from blogger foe a few days and they go and change things - I really need to update that half-face.

Have a terrific time with Tom!


I saw Tom at the Pier back in '94. Hot August night, and he absolutely rocked the house. Three hours of non-stop music, and he never left the stage. That man knows how to put on a show (and yes, there was a very polite queue of women throwing their panties on the stage. It was rather surreal). The tickets for the TOP/Tom Jones show are a bit steep, but it'll be worth it. If anyone tells you it'll be bad, they just don't know what they are talking about. The only show I've ever seen that was better was Bootsy Collins (with Plastilina Mosh trailing close behind TJ).


Folks. I was joking. I don't really want to see him in concert. I'm sure he's great if you like that kind of thing and yes I've been known to crank up the Jones a time or two but I'm not paying $60 plus bucks to see him in concert.

And, yes, I'm totally up for going to Vegas as long as it's not for more than a couple days. Vegas for any longer than that is pure insanity.

the birdherder

wow! blogger comments are different!i wonder what picture will show up next to me?


Excellent observation beer guzzling lego man.

the birdherder

of course it is still slow as molasses.

regarding tom jones and vegas... i'm in. you buy my plane ticket and i'll get us into the show. i'm sure watching a 65 year old cavorting around like casanova would be enhanced significantly by obscene amounts of alcohol.


look at that photo.... smug bastard


Its not unusual to be loved by sprizee.

Sooo you like Neil Diamond too right.


Yeah - whatever spizee...

and Tom says to stop mailing him your underwear....

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