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Tuesday, 22 February 2005



According to the Snake Owners Handbook, the proper way to excorcise a heartbreak is with lots and lots of sex, drugs and alcohol.

Oh and a trip around the world.


No, Johnny - that's not the proper cure!!!

Sprizee, eat 1 Pink Lady a day and THEN lots of sex, drugs and alcohol....

Oh and constant blogging on the sex, drugs and alcohol parts...


and that woudl be why men suck.

present company excluded.


We can talk and communicate still Sprizee, I promise. I didn't realize you felt this way about me. Don't underestimate my ability to be a jerk and a nice guy at the same time. It has been done.

Seriously though, thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.


Sprizee why dont we go
Somewhere only we know
This could be
the end of everything


Oh Johnny,

Quoting me Keane lyrics.

And THAT is just one of the many reasons you are so great.


Sprizee, all I know of you is what you have posted here. It would be easy to say things like "I know how you feel" or "I've been there before" - the reality is that everything affects everyone differently.
From what I've read, you seem like a strong person and you clearly have some great friends that care about you. Mostly, you have a great attitude about moving forward.
Finally, I think it's wonderful that you are willing to share these personal moments because there are many people who are trying to make sense of similar situations and often reading stories like this, people can find the comfort they so desperately seek.


You should wander over and check out AoB. THAT is a guy that has been there before, and a great writer too.

Like this and this.


Chris, well said. I have known Sprizee for a little while as we were once co-workers. I am thrilled to be her friend and think it's fantastic she can share her emotions in such a public manner. Your friends, family, and The Dude will be there for you Sprizee.

I know for sure I appreciate the candidness in which we speak. You rule Sprizee.


Spriz, thanks for the kind words.

You shouldn't say such things!

At least, not in the Comments section.

If you're going to plug me, you should do it on your main post, where there's more traffic.



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