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Friday, 25 February 2005



Go have yourself an incredible time!

the birdherder

is this some sort of swingers weekend or something?

you remembered to pack nyquil right?

:-) mark

awwww.... I was getting excited, thinking you were actually coming to Scotland ;-)

Hope you have a fantastic time!

Post pics, yeah?


I'm bored at work.

Entertain me.

Oh, you did. Thanks.


I know there's something else you weren't looking forward to about this weekend that wasn't on the list. I won't force the issue the though. Fine.


Did global warming melt all the snow? I'm being serious. People were wearing shorts this weekend in Seattle. And not nerdy software engineers who don't know any better, I'm talking sensible people wearing shorts because it was so freaking warm out.


Into Thin Air 2

Sprizee's struggles against a terminal cold, rain and a blasted mountain.

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