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Thursday, 03 March 2005



okay but it will cost u one pink lady.


OK - 2 things, because i'm too lazy to read about it myself...

1 - why are they deporting him?
2 - why do i care where he goes?

I don't mean to come off callous - just curious.


1) Obain Attouoman, originally from Ivory Coast, has been a Boston teacher for over 10 years although he is not a US Citizen. He was originally allowed into the US under political aslym from his own hostile government. Now federal immigration authorities have ordered him deported because he missed one court date.

2) Because you believe that rules were meant to be broken. Sometimes common sense outweighs all other laws. Hopefully.


As someone who lives close to the Boston area, works in education, echoes the sentiments you made in your post and previous reply, and the son of an immigrant who was an amazing, inspiring man whose shadow is too good for me to walk in - I applaud you for bringing awareness to this issue.

As I type this while watching the 10pm news, Attouoman will not be deported and allowed to remain until 2007.

the birdherder

I'm glad this was all taken care of while I was at the office working on the TPS reports.


Excellent! Thank you Spriz - a blogger with a conscience! and she looks good too!

I do believe that rules are meant to be broken - sometimes they just don't apply, or shouldn't...

Chris - thanks for the update, glad to hear it.

Bird - Did you get that memo on the TPS reports? I'll make sure to have someone send you one.


i have been told political refugees are treated terribly by the us government, including strip searches, 30 days confinement (jail type conditions), and being yelled at.

so much for freedom.


Sprizee has an amazing conscience. In fact she just stopped by my work to undress me with her eyes. Damn you Sprizee.

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