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Tuesday, 01 March 2005



How frightened did you have me while reading part "A" and how hard was I laughing reading parts B and C, when the sarcasm realization set in? Very and quite. They can chalk me down for 3 wristbands.


DAMMIT. Black was the color Celeste and I were going to use when we started marketing our "DrinkStrong" bracelets.


i asked my coworker randi to hold me after i read you voted for that one guy.



where did you get that mirror?

can i get a witness?

send me your battery pack.

where is the bummble bee headband?



Oh yes. I still think you should go for it. Those things would sell like hotcakes. Speaking of which, I could go for a hotcake right about now...the funk soul brother, check it out now....damn you fat boy slim.

1) Gig Harbor, about 3 years ago.
2) Yes, I will be yo witness. Even better. I'll be your alibi.
3) No way jose.
4) In my apartment, with the rest of the junk that's taking up space. You know, the stuff that I should just throw away already. Good memory. I'm impressed.

Howard Muhlberg

I went with purple because it's my favorite color.


Besides, I LOVE Working Assets, and their Working For Change website is great.



Sign me up for a DrinkStrong bracelet - I'm a supporter. Anyway, glad you're back from the wilderness Spriz.

Murph, you can get out of Randi's arms now - it's all OK.


Here's (my) Johnny! (impersonation)

I'm Starting With The Woman In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Her To Change
Her Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
(If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place)
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change
(Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change)
(Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na,
Na Nah)


Thats very good egan.

you're catching on right quick. now you should try to grope passerbyes.

Once you have that mastered the transformation will be complete.


[grope murphy]

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