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Tuesday, 19 April 2005



Dear God, I have always wanted to become a better person. Please lead me to the path of the righteous. Without your guidance I have no idea how I would ever advance in life. I must know when to look left or right and that I leave in your oh so capable hands. Thank you for the Big Mac and fries last night. Also thanks for allowing me to watch porn unnoticed last night. There's nothing better than touching myself without anyone knowing. God, it will be our little secret. Amen!


Woh. That's all I can think of.


Woh? I don't even know what the hell that means?

Too tired to think of something funny to make WOH into an acroynm. Make up your own and then snicker to yourself.


The video stopped after "...and the good is god..."

what? what?


actually it said "and the good news is god..."

I bet you it said god is going to get me new a4.


Sweet. That means my new house should be delivered shortly.

So it's true what they say. God is awesome.


Woh is woah. Just wohier. What ... Oh Hell is a good one to start with.


I give up on religion. I was holding on in case I could win the Pope election but you can see where that got me. Some old German dude trupmed me. Damn Krauts.


Don't worry Scott, this old fart will kick the bucket shortly and the whole process will start all over. This new guy may be older than Wilfred Brimley already.


The Killers by Mr. Brightside
Buy 4 me



I was wondering how to go about it.
Thanks for the most informative post.
I am so going to hell.

See you there!

Hal Jordan

Sprizee, that was really rude. I'm disappointed in you.


Thanks for the laugh Hal.


I can't get to the site from work - does that I mean that I am working for a satanic company that does not want me surfing religious websites and finding the true god???

Am I doomed???


Hal Jordan

My comment was not intended to be humorous. I am not a religious person (even considering my leisure pursuits). But mocking people of faith in this manner is mean spirited and disrespectful.


I know you were being serious Hal. THAT is why it was so funny.

P.S. Jesus taught people to love one another. You might want to think twice the next time you get the urge to refer to someone as a "Fucking Bitch" on your blog.



Relax man! Sprizee means no harm you Fucking Bitch. Unwad your panties man.


god here! Sprizee, is that what I can call you? I have to say you have a wonderful blog. I can tell you are a very compassionate person. Most people really don't know all that much about me. I want to tell you and your readers this. I try to love all people equally. However, this can be hard. Sometimes the muslims piss me off. Another day it could be some professional athlete or another day it could be someone named Hal. I know this Hal guy thinks he means well, but it's tough to tell. His utter lack of a sense of humor is appalling. Some day I may be able to teach him to laugh again. Maybe I will lock him in a room of mirrors so he will understand my ways. Or maybe I can force him to read his own blog. That might get him laughing. As god, I am a good person, but don't put me on a huge pedestal. I am merely god, no need to capitalize.

Howard Muhlberg

god, that is the funniest godamned thing I have read today! Oops! Just forget about the godamned part, ok?

Hal Jordan

Hey now! I never said I was a good guy. I'm bit of an asshole. Ok I'm a lot of an asshole with a drinking problem. I may be humorless, but I have no fear.

Sprizee seems like a sweet gal and I was just taken aback this unseemly turn. Didn't mean to ruin the fun.

And Carol is still and will always be a fucking bitch, at least until she takes me back.

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