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Thursday, 01 September 2005



I am most concerned about the New Orleans Saints. Where are they going to play their football games. I want to know if I can get beads next February or not. These are the real tragedies.


Don't forget all the cool neon signs on Bourbon Street that might be damaged, or possibly even, horror of horrors... beyond repair.


forget that! its survival, every man for his own plasma tv. twice as good if you find an AK-47 and down a government chopper!

hey, it happened on rambo!


The Saints will use the AlamoDome in San Antonio to play in. This appeared as one of the major stories in the media. As if people give as shit about football.

Also, Mardi Gras happens in Austin as well. Completely with boob for beads.

Seriously, this is getting more fucked up by the minute. People actually shooting people to get on a bus to go live in the Astrodome.


Kirk - the whole world is out of order.


its like survivor, except instead of getting voted off, you get shot.

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