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Friday, 23 December 2005



Sprizee, the baby Jesus was really born in the summer. 12/25 is Mithra's birthday and Saturnalia.

Christmas wasn't a holiday in the US until the 1850s. So get back to work.


Scrooge, stop impersonating Kirk.


Of course I had to take today as a vacation day. But the office is closed all next week.


Merry Christmas to you and The Dude.


I always think of those somebodys who work on the holdays. Turns out those somebodys are you.

Try to have a good one, holiday that is.:)


how about home made playing cards made out of old newspapers?


Kirk, Yaay for you.

Chris, Thanks. You too. Well, not The Dude part but whatever your equivalent is, you know.

Janet, It wasn't that bad. I after 9:30 and out before 3. And not many people were getting much actual work done, although I got tons accomplished suprisingly.

Johnny, Hurry up and patent that idea. I have a feeling Anthropologie would be all over that. Of course, the decks would cost $18.50 each.

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