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Saturday, 17 December 2005



1) companies still have christmas and/or holiday parties? both of the high tech companies i've worked for this century have stopped that practice -- too expensive and something about 9/11. Then again, the companies are so big if everyone came, there would be 20,000 people there. The last all company party I went to was at the Irwin Center. Free sodas out of those same paper cups you get at basketball games.

2) don't be hating on wells fargo. they manage my financial empire†

3) there must be a dicks drive in everywhere. of course, here its called huts and isn't a drive in.

† by financial empire I mean my checking account with about $23 in it.


Note to self: never get a home loan from Wells Fargo regardless of Kirk's financial empire. Yes, companies do still have holiday parties Kirky Poo.


I was one of your dutifull bussers for the party. It was quite nice, Getty dropped some serious money putting that together.


Um, did we meet?



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