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Thursday, 08 December 2005



The passats manufactured in the 21st century are quite nice. They don't even use keys anymore. They use some space fob and you push a button like in a mini or something. And like the rolls royce come have an umbrella holder in the door.

And get this: They start when you push that button. And the windows roll down. And it smells like a new car inside! And if anything breaks you get a loaner car while the guys fix the car. The only downside is you'll have a car payment. But considering how much time you spend in your car, aren't you worth it?


You sound just like Tony. Except he told me to get a Mini Cooper.


Sorry, MINI Cooper. I had to correct myself before Egan beat me to it.


I'll call Xzibit right away.


keep the car, every relationship goes thru ruff patches


How the hell did I miss this post? Oh yeah, Portland.

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