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Tuesday, 27 December 2005



Judy Jetson was my first cartoon love interest. Cool, hip, 60s teen ager. What's not to adore?

And you can hack your Roomba...http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/robots/hack-yer-roomba-143648.php


A Roomba!! Wow .. I want to know everything about it.

K - you've just revealed your total nerdiness, thank you.


Hey, I'm not the one with the robot vacuum.



damn you sprizee.

i now think i want one.

but where is the vacum bag? where does the dust go?


btw i just found this :P



Kirk, Yes I used to love watching The Jetson while getting ready for school when I was younger. And I know you know HTML so why did you just leave that ugly old link, huh? Huh? This one is dedicated to the lazy folks in the crowd who want to hack their Roomba.

Katy, Okay. It likes long walks on the beach, dinner by candle light, dust mites, dirt and pet hair. It especially loves pet hair. Kirk JUST revealed his totally nerdiness? JUST NOW? Um, okay.

Kirk, Good job. That's me.

Johnny, Maybe I'll send you a consolation prize. Maybe. It doesn't have a bag. It's bagless. But it's got a plastic tray and a paper filter that has to be manually cleaned out every once and a while. I say wait to buy one until the robot can clean it's own damn filter.

Johnny Deux, So funny because I mentioned the Woomba to The Dude as soon as we got home. It's a robot and it cleans my business...my lady business.


what an html?


Kirk, I thought you were all knowing? No?


I jsut put hardwood floors in my house and have been swiffering like a mad man. Other than a delightfully entertaining novelty, are you happy with product froma functional standpoint?


Chris, So far, so good. The reviews on Amazon.com are pretty accurate, I'd say. It depends what kind of setup you have. Like, for example, if you have hardwood with lots of area rugs it probably wouldn't be so great because sometimes it makes it over the rugs and sometimes it doesn't. And it's slightly annoying to have to clean out the filter so often (since it's not that large) but overall, it rocks.

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