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Tuesday, 20 December 2005



Jesus is the reason for the season.


Which season would that be? The season of Christmas trees, or the season of Christmas cookies, or the season of completely loosing all sense of reality when people in cars start following people not in cars who are simply walking back to their car which could be 5 feet away or could be 500 feet way EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE PLENTLY OF SPACES JUST DOWN YONDER. KEEP GOING GRANNIE! That season? Is that the season you're referring to?


that is the very one.


I went to three Targets and couldnt find a damn ipod nano for the last peep on my list. The freaking ravenous mob cleared out everything except the pink armbands. Also a Best Buy was clear too. Well, there were a couple of shuffles left but you cant watch dirty movies on those!


I'm going to DisneyWorld!!! Next April I'm going to Maui!!!!!! I know for a fact I will get a Kitchen Aid Waffle Maker!!!!!!!!. JEALOUS? I saw U2 in concert on Monday in Portland. Jealous???!!!

I bet you love all the exclamation points!!!!! Thank me later.


Kirk, I read you loud and clear. Over and out.

Johnny, Um, I hate to burst your bubble but if you go to www.apple.com they've still got them and you can even get it laser engraved...for free.

Egan, Guess what??? I'm going to Thailand in February and NYC in March!!! P.S. It would have been better had you left everything uncapitolized and less coherent...YA KNOW??!!!!


Nice work Sprizee. We ought to take our routine across the country and mock bloggers of all types.


$300...for a waffle iron? Ok, if that person starts talking about the dismantling of the middle class they need to be slapped. His woman must really like her waffles.

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