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Thursday, 29 December 2005



The all new Gretchen 2 is waiting for you at your local Volkswagen dealer.


Hey - where are you going in Thailand? I *loved* it there on the SE islands ...

I lost all my film from that trip because there was a hurricane brewing and my film fell overboard while on the "fast boat" (read: everyone puking except me, high diesel fumes, large waves) back to the mainland so I can't prove I was ever there - seriously, you'll love it.


Sprizee, have I got a deal for you. What will it take to get you in this 2006 Passat today?


Kirk, Don't think that thought didn't cross my mind. If I remember correctly the first phrase I utter upon getting back to the office but before the door was fixed was, "I'm so done with this car".

Katy, In 2 months. That's why digital is where it's at. But I might bring the LOMO too just for kicks.

Egan, You're back! Yay! It's like you work with car dealers or something. You speak car dealer as well as you speak jive?


You know, you can try to act all "city-fied," but Gretchen and her antics expose you for the P.O. gal that you really are...


Sprizee, don't you know I do my part to kill the earth by helping car dealers sell HUMMERS?

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