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Monday, 12 December 2005




I knew about the Target/Salvation Army thing and it reminds me about being at the Randals [aka Safeway] employee that asked me if I wanted to give a dollar to Salvation Army.

My immediate response was "fu.."

See I was going to say "fuck the Salvation Army" and then realized:
1) I don't have any ill will for the SA; and
2) It probably isn't something I should say.

So just "fu.." came out. I just left it at that.


The Salvation Army actually does a lot of good and I have nothing against them. They're much more of a good Christian organization than the AFA.


Right. I have nothing against the SA except the incessant bell ringing. They do good work.


My first reaction was "Wow," too.

I try so hard to keep these people off my radar even though it is so clear in every day news that they exist. Plugging ears and saying LALALALALA isn't going to work for creating any kind of peace or understanding but what the hell are you supposed to say back when your beliefs are so different?


If I talked to her again and she brought it up I would tell her where I stand but the reason I didn't say anything this time wasn't because I didn't want to. It was more because I was so fascinated by what she was saying I wanted to hear more.


And everyone knows it only takes 3 condoms for safe sex.


...and some duct tape Kirk. Throw some plastic over the willy too and you have some very safe sex.


I knew that the Christian right was behind the evil plot to get rid of all those pesky seeds from the watermelon, since if you eat a watermelon seed you might get pregnant. But condoms and duct tape? This is simply too much.


Hard to believe she actually has a child of her own - I wonder if it was spawned?

I'd be glad to chip in on the vibrator the the evil be-otch


She is by no means evil. She seems very nice. Just a little misguided and fearful of vibrating machinery and gay people that might convert her, you know, since gay people are always trying to get more people to sin like them. Evil doers!

She's has two kids. Both girls and both probably extremely sheltered. Also, she's divorced. But seriously, I can just agree to disagree with her. She's not evil. Just insane.


I just say, "God wants me to kick your ass, fucktard".


If everyone did the exact opposite of what those fundie nutjob bigots over at the American "Family" Association says to do the world would be a much better place.

And Target is a waaaaaaay better corporate citizen than Wal-Mart could ever think of being.

And FOUR condoms? Who has that kind of time? Whoever came up with that one must own stock in Trojans or something.

Kisses - Carrie


Sprizee, does you company have a secret santa gift exchange?. I think someone wants a neck massager


Todd, I would love a neck massager. I get kinks all the time. Sprizee, arrange that shit yo!


The best part of the memo is where they provide a link to a list of ALL the sex products they have a problem with. I never would of heard about that stuff if it weren't for them making such a big deal about it.

"Here are the things we don't like. Yea, there's the link, go and take a good hard look at them all. Ponder what they are used for, imagine what they would do for your sex life. LOOK at them damnit! Mmm, maybe we should order some and try them out just to see how evil they are."


Johnny, You crack me up.

Carrie, Whoa! A new person. Yaay! Welcome, welcome. Yes, what you said. Agreed.

Toddsa, What? You don't want to share your website with everyone? I wonder how many gifted kids will be able figure it out from just from your screen name. Let's find out!

Egan, Get in line. I was here first.

Wheelson, People pick the strangest things to get all bent out of shape about. Why the AFA isn't a little less concerned about who's selling sex toys and a little more concerned about elected officials starting wars based false allegations is something I'll never understand.


Wheelson's point is quite valid. It is as if they get off on documenting the sin instead of the sin itself. They really should try the sin itself. It is much better.

And Egan said, I get kinks all the time.. Really, now. Your kinks involving massagers from Target really should be kept to your own blog, versus a family blog like this one.


Wow. Target just can't get no love these days. First there was the ban from the left, over the oral contraceptive issue, and now this.

Politics aside, I will forever support Tar-zhay for their great contribution to humanity - actually bringing good taste to the masses.


Marielle - do you know why so many people pronounce Target zee French way? I do the same thing and wonder why this is the case though. I'm in the dark here.


I started pronouncing it that way back in college when my roomate kept mentioning some smancy pants store I'd never heard of before. Finally I broke down and asked her about it and she explained she was talking about Target. She was from West Seattle. I think that makes for a theory.

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