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Tuesday, 03 January 2006



My cellphone is my only phone so I tend to return voicemails. My work voicemail is another story since I never ever sit at my desks.


Resolution #2: Buy new cell phone
Resolution #3: Buy new cute, reliable VW Beetle with turbo charged funtime engine.


"Hi, you've reached Sprizee's voicemail. You may leave a message here but Spriz and I are on the outs these days and I will not pass the message on to her. After all, why does she get all the calls and I get stuck playing secretary, diligently taking all her messages then taking the blame when she doesn't get them? I am through with her for now!"


Chris, that's great stuff. I think she should record that very message in a deep voice.

Spriz, so Mr. Brad shouldn't call your cell phone?


free bumblebars at sprizee's place.


Kirk, I've got my cellphone, the LAN line which I've been meaning to cancel for the last 2 years, and the office phone. Generally when the phone rings my first instinct is to run away. I think it must have something to do with working in a call center for a number of years.

Wheelson, Sweet! You're going to buy me a new phone AND a new car? You rule!

Chris, I might just have to record that.

Egan, I think Brad has the right sound for my Mr. Voicemail Voice. And Brad should never hesitate to call my phone. Duh.

Johnny, Hells no. I've only got 2 in my desk at work and they're both reserved for me, myself and I.


You have a land line or a LAN line? Heh.

I must say the turbo is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Get a '06 Golf 2.0T for some real fun -- plus I heard it is bigger than a Passat.

My phone has been giving me grief this week. If I had a dollar or each text message I was supposed to recieve I'd be happy. And T-Mobile is about 2 seconds away from losing a customer.


Oh my god another person like me. I have an inexplicable fear of checking voicemail. I have no idea why, but I hate it. I wish there were no such thing. Alas, I am not the only one who chooses not to obsess about checking it.

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