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Monday, 20 March 2006



Hey 4-6 years ago I was going to NYC all the time on Business. Until we fired our agency there [Lowe] and went with DDB Chicago.

Then instead of going to NYC all the time I went to Chicago. Then Los Angeles, then Toronto, then Vancouver, then LA again.


Love the get to know S posts ... thanks for sharing (I'm not a fan of meme's either :))


You wouldn't even wear coolats if they came "back" like leg warmers and jelly shoes?


Amie, Oh my gawd NO. Just the thought of jelly shoes make me feet sweat. I had this pair back when I was in elementary school that I wore until they would no longer stay on my feet and were covered in some much dirt that my mom had to throw them away in the dark of night lest I dig through the trash to "save" them.


I have no comment on this post, NONE! I'm so disappointed.


Okay, I see I got a nod in this post. So maybe memes aren't so bad afterall. Green Odwalla is good. Have you tried the Naked version of superfood? It's pretty good too.


Eggo, Here's a quarter. Go c... score me some pixie dusty.


Nope, haven't tried it. Know why? They don't sell it at Costco.

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