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Sunday, 28 May 2006



Many people will eat cow and chicken but not pigs. Some people, like Jews and Muslims for religious reasons. I don't eat bacon on salads since bacon is nothing more than fried pig fat. Why would I put that on my salad? Oh, and most bacon on salads is fake. And pigs are filthy animals and waller in their own filth.

And rabbits look cute like kitties so they are no part of my diet either. And apparently taste like chicken so eat chicken instead. Sure baby chicks and cows are cute -- and I don't eat them either. Grown up chickens and cows are ugly and fair game. Sorry, I don't make the rules. But ugly never wins. Ask Darwin

There's a scene in this season's Sopranos where a rabbit gets whacked and ends up in a rabbit lasagna dish. You'll see this next year when it is on video and salivate.


Oh, and the movie: The MPAA system is fucked up. And when did they add that "contains mild nudity and drug use" under the ratings? I want to be surprised! Or at least tell me someone hot will be nekkid!

I'll save this film for when it comes on IFC.


I'm debating about seeing a Seattle Film Festival movie tonight or tomorrow. The weather is perfect for movie viewing. Hey, Vashon Island misses you. Rabbit is alright, si tu es francais.

Porky Pig

Take that back Sprizee!! Now!


Mmmm raaaabbit...


who did you kill to get more than 200 pictures in your flickr account?


She killed me Johnny. But she had to spring for the renewal herself.


Kirk, You don't eat things if they're cute? Makes total sense to me. Yes, the MPAA is totally messed up. It's a secret board of 8 people that decide what gets what rating and it's heavily influenced by the major studios. Independent films get the shaft.

Egan, SIFF is great. Did you know it's the largest film festival in North America? Well, it is.

Porky Pig, Hi Egan. What's up?

Thérèse, As Egan would say Yum!

Johnny, Kirk.

Kirk, Yeah and my credit card wants to register a complaint.

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