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Friday, 12 May 2006



I think the office learned an important lesson today.

1) better to rent a car to pick up the client than use a personal car. Or a car service. EIther option would be under $100 and without any lasting damage to employee/employer relations.

The CEO of my company made $4m last year. If he totaled my car I would give him until the close of business to produce a check for a replacement car as well as a written statement releasing me from any responsibility in the accident. Of course, that would never happen since my CEO has no idea who I am.

Married to the Owner of the Jeep

Well the bright side is that we can now get a better vehicle that saves on gas which will help my pocketbook as well as the environment. I'm thinking something like a vespa or a yugo (do they still make those?). Can you see the owner of the Jeep driving across 520 w/ something w/ a 55 cc engine getting 50 MPG instead of 8 MPG? And maybe a flower sticker on her pink helmet? Sounds good to me.


I'm seeing a lawsuit and a promotion in the cards for the former owner of the Jeep. Although I can't imagine continuing to work for someone with such poor character.


Oh my! So long as Gretchen is safe and sound I suppose we'll all get through to the next round.


I love this story very much as I know the owner of said Jeep. I really wish I could have seen his reaction to this post first hand. Sadly he's cooler than me and located a floor above me. Touché!


but if the CEO had totalled the car, there woulda been a new vw in a bow in your parking space, right?


Must have been quite a client to get picked up in Gretchen. Do passengers still need hold the door shut?


Kirk, The CEO knowing my name has many advantages and/or disadvantages. For practical purposes, I won't bother listing them all here.

Jeep Owner Thru Marriage, That sounds like a wicked awesome idea. I hope this means we can still carpool.

Chris, How the hell did you remember my car's name? I'm am officially in shock, and possibly awe. Damn it, you think W's adminstration might sue me for copyright infringement? Crap.

Egan, I heard they keep the lights really low and everyone turns their computers out on your floor. Anything could be happening in that place. Anything!

Johnny, I wish but no. The CEO didn't get to be the CEO by throwing money down the crapper for giant bows that cost more than the floor mats.

Kirk, Who said anything about a client? Hint: Not me. It was the CEO and a fellow employee who was in from out of town. All's well that ends well.

Egan (yes I wrote this to myself)

Sprizee and Egan - "Anything could be happening in that place. Anything"? More like NOTHING IS happening in that place. NOTHING I say!

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