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Wednesday, 06 September 2006



The Express busses here seem to always be broken down on the side of the road.

Of course if you have a new Jetta TDI...


Seattle bus service is pretty good. The longest I've ever had to wait for a bus is 10 minutes. I'm not complaining.

But, that was a first.


I had no idea you could count to 23. Now I do. I like the Jetta TDI thing.

My only gripe about Seattle bus service is their coverage going to the eastside suburbs. In the city the busses are fantastic, but anytime you cross Lake Washington can be risky. Meaning, get prepared to wait. Maybe that's changed since I went to college though.


S - Oy vey.

E - Don't you mean any time they go east west? I've never found a good connection in those directions but N-S is very good ...


I totally agree, Katy. The east-west situation is sad (buses from Fremont to U-District are only twice an hour right now, which isn't that bad compared to ... Louisiana bus service). But it's about ten minutes at a stop to a ride headed north/side.


Of course I meant east-west you freaks. Commuting from the city to the eastside suburbs or vice versa has never been easy in this town. If you want to call "east-west" commuting, fine. At any rate, it's the true weakness of our buddy Joe Metro.

Sally, I know all too well about the Fremont nonsense from days at Simply Desserts. It's the reason I broke down and bought my first car finally in 1993. Waiting at bus stops for 20 minutes late at night isn't safe. Half the time I ended up jogging all the way back to the UW, rain or not.


Gretchen is ROFL


Egan, I'm pretty sure bus routes have improved since you went to college but I could be wrong, like that one time I tried to count to 99 and missed every number between 70 and 80. Anyways, since I'm only commuting from Seattle to Microsoftville there's normally a bus every 10 minutes or so. I can't complain.

Katy, We only had to wait about 15 minutes for the replacement coach as our bus driver called it. I just thought it was funny since I made a point to get up early and all. Ummm, isn't saying crossing Lake Washington and saying east west basically the same thing?

Sally, Bellevue to Seattle commutes on the bus are awesome. But it sounds like Seattle to UW, not so much.

Egan, Thank allah you finally broke down and got a car. Otherwise, you'd never have been dubbed the "brownie bitch". I'll take one black bottom cupcake, please.

Johnny, Gretchen is RIP.


Egan is gently humming the Smurfs theme song to himself. Serenity now!


Damn, foiled again!

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