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Friday, 20 October 2006



That's awesome that you're still taking the bus - the other day I found myself wondering if you were doing that and then found it strange that I was musing about someone's habits that I've still not met :)

I love the internet.


Sprizee, there are also some French language lesson offerings available via podcasts. I downloaded them and like what I've heard thus far. You should see my new pants I got.


There are also Spanish language podcasts. Including one that teaches Argentinean slang.

On my XM radio, I get to hear TAL each day on the way home from work every day.


Ego used to ride the short bus, but now he's an Iron Man.


JohnnyDC, you know it man. I have to impress the ladies somehow. It was either French or an Ironman.


bandages bandages bandages


Taking the bus is cool. Not quite as cool as riding your bike, but since you don't have a bike (last time I checked, which was never) it's close enough.

When it rains a bus in Seattle turns into a human sweat powered stink sauna.


Thanks for the tip. You know, I feel like I should hate This American Life. I mean Ira's voice is way whimpy and stereotypically NPR, if you know what I mean. But anytime I do stumble up on This American Life, it's always fascinating and many times moving. It's a great show.

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