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Tuesday, 27 March 2007



I was hoping to be able to come back here again after the bukkakke thing without getting all red and then you go ahead and speak of the infamous lipgoo in #19. I must be getting old :(

Are you working a cliffhanger here calling the post 30 in 30 and only listing 25 items then not qualifying the other 30 part?

The fisheye lens thing is sweet!



#25 is the reason there's no #26-30. Today I turned 30.


HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY Sprizee!! I like your list very much. There's some really sweet stuff (double entendre intended) on here. Stuff you can definitely do if you set your mind to it. I'm happy to have known you for the past five years. Enjoy your special day.


Having already turned 40, the mind just wasn't sharp enough to figure that out I guess.

Do yourself a favor, if you want good news from a plumber, don't invite my guy. He's really nice but he insists on taking my money.

Happy Birthday! I hope you get all that you wish for. The list is a whole lot clearer and Egan is right, how sweet it is.

Sally Simpleton


If we have a group field trip to the Olympics again, I vote for the weekend before July 4th again. :)


¡Feliz cumpleaños Sprizee V!

I remember when I was thirty. Sort of. I still act like I'm 19 though. Acting your age is overrated.

Nice list. But I must say some of the items don't sound like fun -- like the fence building or plumber visit.


The big 3-0. Congrats. You're like all old and stuff now.

Great list. So are these goals for the next year or the next 30 years?


You're three? That's swell.

Maybe I can marry you.
Already taken?

Still, its not illegal to marry your clone now, IS IT?? :P


Like happy birthday yesterday! I'm firmly of the opinion that film has got more soul than digital. Digital is great in it's own way but seeing a piece of plastic in my hand with an image burned into it is super cool. Going against the flow now that nobody cares about it any more makes it just a little bit extra cool.

By accident I found that plain ol Kodak Color Gold given to Costco for processing and scanning only (they give you the pics on CD) is a great combo. Yea, Kodak Color Gold. As a film snoot I was quite surprised when what I thought would be a yawn roll turned out really quite good.


It's cool the way you are updating the list - I love that.


Thanks, now if only I could be this on top of updating my resuming.


Please update my resume while you're at it. I really need to find another gig.


Happy birthday!


I don't wish you Happy Birthday bee-yotch. Very UN-happy birthday! :P :)

OK, I was compelled to comment, because I think I've realized that you are using MS Trebuchet as your font for this page. How did I not notice this earlier? This is the font I've chosen as the font for MY webpage (haha, WA Dems, screw you with my MS Trebuchet love). MS Trebuchet rules, how I love it so. Isn't it the best?

ps Visit me in a foreign country.


Yes. Please visit me in a foreign country. I'm a little low on cash now so you will need to pay my airfare. And hotels + beer.


Let's get cracking on that list! Now that you've hit the BIG Three 'O you don't have much more time to procrastinate.

BTW, the fact that I'm now greeted with the word "Bukkake" so early in the morning is a little disturbing. FYI, check out the Wikipedia article on what the word means. Very informational. For example, did you know that in a Japanese restaurant it would be quite proper to order up a piping hot bowl of "Bukakke-soba". You could even ask for extra bukakke. (snicker snort)


what, no Happy Birthday Francais!

No fireworks? No revolution!?!

How bourgouise!!!


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